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Image courtesy of King5 TV



UPDATE -- Asia is completely booked for the 2018-2019 school year. She is now accepting bookings for the 2019-2020 school year, but is limiting them to schools who have done all-school or all-grade reads of one or more of her books.

As a former classroom teacher, Asia strives to present an engaging and grade-level-appropriate presentation that gets kids excited about writing.  In her 50-minute presentation (with some time afterwards for Q and A) she covers her writing process for both non-fiction and fiction, speaks about the importance of curiosity and exploration, and gets students inspired about reading and writing!

Speaking fee*:  

$450 per presentation (can be up to all-school in size)

$800 for 2 presentations (can be split between two neighboring schools)

*If you are a school within 30 minutes of Seattle, WA, travel is included in the speaking fee.  Visits to schools that are farther away, especially those that would require a plane flight and hotel stay, will include additional fees to cover travel, lodging, and food expenses.  Feel free to contact Asia for more information or for a quote.

Asia's books can be provided through a local bookstore or through a direct arrangement with The Innovation Press.

*Scholarship applications are available for Title 1 Schools.  If you are a teacher-librarian at a Title 1 School that would like to have Asia come speak, please fill out the scholarship application here.  Please note that travel fees will still apply if your school is not within 30 minutes of Seattle.


Asia has a limited number of Skype slots available.  Priority will be given to schools in states where Zoey and Sassafras has been nominated for a young reader book award.

Asia also offers a free 20 minute Skype Q-and-A option, schedule permitting, to classes and schools that have read at least one of her books.  Asia does not prepare a presentation for the 20 minutes; instead this is a forum for students to have their questions answered.  To ensure a successful Skype session, we recommend having students prepare questions ahead of time.