Asia presented a fantastic interactive professional development for our Preschool teachers! The activities and information she shared with us were engaging, thought provoking and ready to be used immediately with our children. Picture fifty teachers engaged in collaboration and problem solving to determine best materials and combinations to produce the biggest bubble! Everybody shared results and new combinations were tried. It was a very popular training for our teachers and it would be great for a family night as well.
— Donna Gearns, ECCE training coordinator for Bremerton School District
Image copyright Asia Citro 2015

Image copyright Asia Citro 2015


Asia is happy to tailor a training to the needs of your staff.  One of her most passionate speaking subjects is how to teach inquiry science in the classroom.  All teacher trainings are hands-on and lots of fun.  Asia focuses on giving teachers simple and low-cost solutions that can be implemented immediately in their classrooms.  Asia is also able to supply discounted copies of her relevant books on the day of the presentation.

Speaking fee:  $400/hr presentation*, with a supplemental supply fee of $50 per every 25 participants

For schools within 30 minutes of Seattle, WA, travel is included in the speaking fee.  Visits to schools that are farther away, especially those that would require a plane flight and hotel stay, will include additional travel fees.  Feel free to contact Asia for more information.

*Whenever possible, the speaking fee will be reduced or waived for low-income school districts.